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As published in the December 26, 2014 Issue, Page 7 of Chicago Jewish News

Amyra Weissberg Henry
(847) 380-2591

Amyra Weissberg Henry, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has over two decades of experience working with children and adolescents in the public schools. Ms. Henry’s experience in special education has included challenges related to learning disabilities, attention, executive function deficits, emotional/behavioral disorders, physical/medical conditions, as well as sensory needs.  In a day when schools are minimizing student evaluations due to financial shortfalls, parents of struggling students are finding it necessary to seek private psychoeducational assessments to identify their children’s needs, and to access crucial services and accommodations.

Ms. Henry is committed to assisting students, parents and schools find remedies for academic underachievement leading to student failure, negative feelings about school, and academic discouragement.  Having worked for a special education cooperative for many years, Ms. Henry feels strongly about helping parents effectively navigate the frequently challenging, arcane special education process. She is dedicated to fostering student success by providing accurate evaluation of academic difficulties,
and by building positive collaborative relationships between schools, parents and students.

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