My hats go off to you for working with this situation. During the observation, you were most patient and positive with this parent. Kudos for handling this situation with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

  • Christy Hale, SEDOL Special Education Teacher

As a Licensed Clinical School Social Worker, Amyra provides superb service to kids and families, highly detailed and accurate reports with a kind, caring attitude and a proactive team spirit to help children at home, school as well as their communities.

  • Dr. Sandy Wirth, Part Time School Psychologist for Grass Lake School District #36

Amyra Henry is a strong advocate for families and students in the special education system.  With her extensive SEDOL background, Amyra combines a depth of knowledge of many disabilities with an insider’s understanding of how school systems work.  That rare combination allows Amyra to work collaboratively to encourage true teamwork between families and schools.

  • Sandy Strassman Alperstein, Special Education Attorney/Advocate

Amyra Henry is an experienced professional with deep knowledge of many disabilities, and she combines this with a caring and passionate approach that helps her form trusting, productive relationships with students and parents alike.  It is because she understands our son so well and respects his needs as a person and a learner, that she has been so effective as a tutor and consultant. Our son has gained self awareness and confidence, not just learning content. Amyra is an important part of our team.

  • Kirsten Gordon, Parent Client since 2008